When should mulberry trees be pruned?


Mulberry trees can be pruned in autumn and until early spring. In other words, the mulberry tree is pruned in October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May. According to the generally accepted views, the mulberry tree is started to be planted when the water stops walking on the trees. It is more important that there are no leaves left on the trees. But in essential cases, mulberry pruning is always done. If the mulberry trees collect harmful insects and start to damage the gardens, then there are those who have them pruned.

How do I prune a mulberry tree?

What time of year should you prune a mulberry tree? How much can you prune a mulberry tree? What happens if you don’t prune a mulberry tree? In other words, the mulberry tree is pruned in October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May. Mulberry trees vary according to the purpose of pruning. If the mulberry fruit trees are falling into the neighbor’s garden and causing damage, the branches extending to the side are pruned. If the tree has grown too tall, top pruning is done, if the branches are too dense, branch thinning is done. In other words, different pruning methods are applied according to what the mulberry tree will be pruned for.

When should mulberry trees be pruned

Mulberry pruning; Yield pruning and rejuvenation pruning are done in mulberry trees grown in the fruit growing area, which is a slightly different method. The purpose here is to keep the tree healthy and ensure its healthy development.

Mulberry Tree Pruning Technique

When should mulberry trees be pruned? How do you shape a mulberry tree? Can you prune mulberry trees to keep them small? How do you keep a mulberry tree short? Large single mulberry trees in the gardens are developed and pruned according to the pruning purpose of the tree. It is more beneficial to prune trees than to cut them wholesale. If there is no essential reason for harming people or cutting the tree in ecological and cultural terms, prefer pruning instead of cutting. Pruning methods of mulberry trees in orchards are carried out in certain seasons and for certain purposes. Different pruning tactics are applied on seedlings, young trees or large trees.

Mulberry pruning

Mulberry Tree; Since mulberry is not selective in terms of soil and climatic conditions, almost all grows in the province. Today, in addition to its fresh consumption, its processed products are also nutritious. Thanks to this, mulberry has an important potential. Molasses from its fruit in the regions where it grows, jam, fruit pulp, mulberry paste, fruit ice cream, walnut sausage, vinegar, fruit juice concentrate, products such as alcohol are produced. In particular, black mulberry juice has become quite common in recent years. It has become a beverage.

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