Have you ever thought how a stray cat spends 24 hours??? For example, in big cities! What they eat, what they drink, what dangers await them. Of course, there is a reason why stray cats exist. Maybe they will prevent millions of rodent fans, maybe they will ensure that we have a healthy life by eating the food that people throw in the garbage. Stray cats are our cats, which some love when they see them on the roads, and some kick them… these are the cats of the city. All kinds of cat breeds whose life is in danger all the time and who must be constantly alert.

Can a street cat become a house cat?

Now I ask; Have you ever given a sip of hot milk to a cat in the cold winter months? Or in the heat of August in the summer, for example, did you put a bowl of water and leave it for them to drink? Congratulations to those who quit. Those who don’t, will definitely leave. Shall we be merciful then? Of course, there will be those who do not like cats. We don’t all like every animal. Please remember that we must respect the life of the breathing cat living in this city. Street cats are somewhat more relaxed in summer than in winter.

Where do stray cats hide their kittens outside?, Where do stray cats go when cold?

Is it safe to bring in a stray cat? The stray cats are up early, and those who scavenge for food or know where their sustenance will come from have to wait in front of the door or shop. Of course, in the meantime, thousands of people go to the right and left from the same street, some of them say pissşt and some of them bow down and pat their heads. Yes, the cat is prepared for all of this.

Should you feed a stray cat?

Will stray cats stay if you feed them? How much do you feed a stray cat? How to Feed Stray Cats? Some stray cats do not approach people as much as in the wild, they find their own food. Some other stray cats stand in front of restaurants, cafes, butchers, etc., waiting for something to be given to them. Again, some stray cat species wait for the food given to them regularly from certain buildings, meanwhile, they meow to determine that they are there. Street cat species sometimes hunt and supply their own food. For example, they may hunt and eat mice, insects, birds or reptiles.

If you have a pet cat, do not throw it out after a while. Domestic cats are very scared on the streets. He is not used to the streets. They usually die after a while.

street cats

Where Do Stray Cats Sleep?

Do stray cats sleep at night? Where will a stray cat sleep? Where do stray cats sleep in winter? Can stray cats survive on their own? Cats do not have a specific place to sleep. Outside the cat kennels, stray cats spend the night in secluded places where they feel safe. In winter, such cats prefer to sleep in more sheltered places, in most places these shelters are known as the front of the building or old construction areas. Stray cats definitely have something they call home in big cities. What is expected in humans? Not all of us have to love cats, but it’s important to remember that respecting their life carries a soul.

What can I do for stray cats? How can I help a stray cat? What do you do with a bunch of stray cats? In hot weather, you can give the street cats at least a bowl of water. Especially in the winter months, giving a box of hot milk will have a positive effect on you.

If you are going to buy stray cats to your spouse, it is enough to paste veterinary control.

What do stray cats do all day?

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