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How is a wooden roof made? Wooden roof construction

How is a wooden roof made? Wooden roof construction

What is a Roof? The building elements that are built to protect the building from external effects such as rain, snow, wind, heat or cold, and to beautify the building’s appearance, are called roofs. What is a Wooden Roof? Roofs made of wooden material are called wooden roofs.

How is a wooden roof made? Wooden roof construction

What are Wooden Roof Models?

  • Porch Roof: Shed roofs, also known as “single-surface roof”, are easy to build, inexpensive, and are applied in places with small openings such as garages, coal sheds, gardeners’ rooms. These roofs can be made either as a single building roof or as an add-on roof based on the building wall.
  • Gable Roof: Gable roofs, also known as “double-surfaced roof”, are two-sided roofs that are connected by a ridge on both sides, and their front and rear walls are closed with walls called gable walls. It can be used in rectangular shaped plans.
  • Hip Roof: Pitched roofs, also known as “multi-surface roofs”, are the most widely used roof type. In this roof type, whose surface slopes are equal in all four directions, all eaves are horizontal and on the same plane, and their surfaces are connected to each other by flat, inclined, low and ridge ridges, the plan views of the sloping, creek and low ridges are 45 degrees or bisector with respect to the eaves and ridges to which they are connected.
  • Mansard Roof: It is a type of roof formed by the application of a gable or hipped roof in two different slopes. It is used in residences, in hay and material warehouses of farms, and in situations such as making room for use on the roof.
  • Tower Roof: This type of roof is mostly used in small-scale, high-rise buildings. It is very important that this type of roof is aesthetic. The roofs of clock towers, mosque minarets and some historical fountains are tower roofs. The slope of the tower roofs is steep and the four-sided roof surfaces converge at the top.
  • Lantern Roof: It is a type of roof made for indoor lighting on roofs built on large ones. The drive-in gable porch is suitable with a combination of roofs.
  • Sawtooth Roof: Side light, usually in industrial buildings such as workshops, factories and hangars and in cases where ventilation is not sufficient, they are made to receive light from the top. Surface slopes are different on saw-tooth roofs.
  • Butterfly Wing Roof: It is undesirable for this roof height, which is flowing to both sides and inward, to be high. done in buildings. The stream between the two inclined surfaces is inclined from the middle to the edges, making it easier to drain the water.

Wooden Fitted Roof

In such roofs, the roof rests on either load-bearing walls or beams or a reinforced concrete slab. The support span should not be more than 4.00 meters in case the snap roof rests on a wall or beam. The construction of hip roofs begins with laying the pillow beams on the load-bearing walls or on the reinforced concrete slab. Then, drop beams, drip purlins, struts, and middle purlins and ridge purlin, breasts, braces, wind beams, rafters, under cover and finally roof cover are placed on them respectively. The triangular system consisting of a release beam, uprights, purlins, braces, braces and rafters on the same plane is called roof truss. The distance between each point is 2.00 – 2.50 m.

Wooden suspended roof

Roof trusses are not superimposed on the reinforced concrete surface as in snap roofs. Instead, it is superimposed on beams or load-bearing walls. In general, the roof elements are clearly visible from below. The biggest difference of suspended roofs from snap-on roofs is the use of lateral and tensioners that transfer the roof load to the supports on the sides. At the node points, the bar axes must intersect at the same point. Joinings bolt, lama, etc. reinforced with tie rods. Lateral, breast, struts and struts to compressive force; release beam, hanger and braces against tensile force works. Suspended wooden roofs, porch roof set roof and wide span hall, exhibition etc. The state applied in buildings is also made as a roof.

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