Begonia Flowers grow very well in temperate climates. Begonia Flower Colors; It turns red, white and orange colors. Begonia flower is a type of flower that grows indoors and in office environments. It is easy to maintain. Begonia Flower Homeland; It grows in America, Africa and Asia. It is very important to put it in a place that will receive sun in the morning. A little attention will be enough for its development to be lush and healthy. It loves water very much, Begonia Flower is watered every two days to keep them in a good condition. How often should begonias be watered? Can you leave begonias in pots over winter? Why are my begonia flowers falling off? How do you rejuvenate begonias? How do you care for potted begonias? Do begonias like sun or shade? How do you keep begonias blooming?

What are the types of begonia flowers?

If the begonia flowers are constantly in a shaded environment, they will dry out, it is very important for the development of the flower to be placed in a place that will receive the morning sun.

  1. Tree Begonia Flower; The leaves of the tree begonia grow long, mottled and hairless. It is a very preferred begonia type indoors.
  2. Wax Begonia Flower; This species grows in the home environment, in the office, that is, indoors. It is the most common species in the natural environment.
  3. Cane Begonia Flower; It is a species that opens wing-shaped leaves. Watering and maintenance are the same. It has a more beautiful shape than other species.
  4. Tuberous Begonia Flower; It grows hairy, begonia flower type is easily grown indoors.
  5. Leaf Begonia Flower; Leaf parts are smaller than other begonia species. It provides a good image to be decorated and found in decorative areas.
Begonia flower care and pruning

Information about the begonia flower; Begonia is a species that grows indoors as an ornamental and decorative. Irrigation is done every 2 days. Colors are Red, White and Orange. It should not be constantly in the sun. It is important that the begonia flower stands in a place where it will see the sun in the morning.

Can begonia grow in pots?

Begonia is a lively and colorful ornamental plant that is suitable for growing at home. You can find this flower, which has a wide variety of colors, usually in white and red. Although it is not a gentle structure, it needs to be well cared for. It is in the family Begoniaceae family. Begonia flower has a water-loving structure. This does not mean that it should be constantly watered. It is sufficient for the soil to have a little moisture. Watering every 2 days would be ideal. (Maximum 2 times a week during the winter months) It is necessary to have a hole in the bottom of the pot to remove excess water.

Can begonia grow in winter?

Keeping it at 18 degrees in winter is the ideal temperature to keep it from harm. Getting the sun in the morning is enough for him. Care should be taken not to get more sun. It has a structure that does not like the sun too much. It would be eastern if you prefer shaded areas. Needs sun only during flowering.

Why should I choose begonia flower?

Begonia is a decorative ornamental flower. It is one of the best in this sense. It cleans the air in its environment. The creation of a spacious environment helps to eliminate bad odors. It can be preferred with many plants. Due to its wide variety, it appeals to all tastes and color lovers. It is perhaps the easiest plant to care for and grow.

Meaning in latin Begonia tuberosa Begonia rex-cultorium. Begonia; The leaves are light green, slightly segmented and toothed, the upper surface is hairy. Its flowers are large, flat, half or fully folded, in various shapes and colors. Begonia rex, on the other hand, is grown with attractive and decorative leaves that can grow to 30-50 cm. The leaves have shiny spots in various shades of red, pink, cream, gray, silver, purple and chestnut and black. Should I cut begonia flowers? >>

Begonia flower care and pruning

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