How do you care for Guzmania indoors?


Even earlier than flowering, it’s far hanging with its powerful, narrow, rosette-formed leaves. The flora of the guzmania aren’t pretty, however the bracts are very bright – that’ s why this herbal surprise is valued. The flower stems stay for two to six months a year. After flowering, the plant dies, however offers off many […]

How do you keep fuchsias blooming?


In nature, the fuchsia seems like a shrub with a bendy branches. Fuchsia leaves, inexperienced or barely reddish, oval, supracrowned, barely pointed and serrated on the edges. Fuchsia blooms with plentiful and lengthy-lasting drooping vegetation inclusive of a vivid colored calyx and a tubular corolla with angled edges. Fuchsia vegetation have lengthy stalks and are […]

Does geraniums like sun or shade?


Information about geranium flower, how geranium flower grows in garden and pot, how to care and water these flowers, everything about geranium flower is in our article… Geranium flowers create a beautiful view when placed in front of the window. The plant has to be cropped in spring. Young Pelargoniums may be pruned from higher […]

Which Plants Have Purple Colored Flowers


Many types of flowers are purple in color. There are purple flowers and plants. There are many varieties of plants with purple flowers. Purple blooming flowers are especially preferred in gardens and balconies. It is in the category of flowers that women love. The names of the flowers that bloom in purple are as follows; […]

Which flower comes back every year?


They are flowers that can maintain their vitality for many years after planting. The roots of these flowers it is durable. Even if the above-ground parts of the plants die in winter, their roots remain alive, at the beginning of spring. they give new shoots. They are preferred because there is no re-planting and planting […]

How to prune roses?

How do you nurture a rose plantas

No matter how well the roses are cared for each year in terms of their nature, they become cards over time. The branches do not shorten and develop and take a dried appearance over time. They should be pruned from the first year after planting. While pruning is done, cutting the graft points right above […]

Isparta rose in Turkey

rose in Turkey

There is no official and confirmed information about exactly when the Isparta rose grows and its oldest date. Isparta rose is a valuable plant that grows well in the climatic conditions of that region and is not only used as an ornamental plant, but also preferred in areas such as jam, oil, etc. There is […]

What are the best flowers to plant at a cemetery


In the past, different decorations on women’s tombstones, especially flower clusters and baskets, and fruit plates were remarkable. The use of flowers such as tulips, carnations and hyacinths, especially roses, and fruit motifs such as cypress, cypress wrapped in a vine, date tree, and pomegranate and fig in tombstone decorations is related to aesthetic preferences […]

Which flowers are cold resistant?

What are the hardiest flowers

Some flower types are more resistant to cold weather than other types. There are also flower types that are resistant to cold weather and frost that can be planted in the garden or on the balcony. Some flower types are more resistant to cold weather than other types. There are also flower types that are […]