What is the importance of pruning for your plants?

What tools do I need for pruning

What are the pruning tools used for plants? What tools are used to prune plants and what are the benefits of plant pruning. Which tool to use for pruning largely depends on the size of the branches to be pruned. and depends on the amount of pruning to be done. The following tools and materials […]

Animal Names from A to Z


Do you know the names of all the animals around you? We list the names of the most common animals in alphabetical order. There are animals growing in various geographies around the world. Climatic conditions are the leading causes of animals living in certain geographies. Not every animal can live in its natural habitat in […]

North American countries in alphabetical order

North America Region

North American countries. What are the 23 countries in America? Names of countries located in the North American region. Ordered list of countries located in North America. What are the 23 countries that make up the North America? North American country list from a to z. Which countries make up North America? Antigua and Barbuda […]

What do stray cats do all day?


Have you ever thought how a stray cat spends 24 hours??? For example, in big cities! What they eat, what they drink, what dangers await them. Of course, there is a reason why stray cats exist. Maybe they will prevent millions of rodent fans, maybe they will ensure that we have a healthy life by […]

What is arugula, in which dishes does it participate?


Arugula is a bitter-tasting herb whose leaves are eaten as a salad. Arugula is known as Eruca vesicaria in Latin. Arugula is a plant species from the cruciferous family. It is a useful and healthy plant that is used especially in salads. It is produced as a table for its leaves in the first year, […]

How many countries are there in the World A to Z?

How many countries in the World A to Z

There are 193 countries in the world recognized by the UN. There are 11 other countries not recognized by the UN. 2 countries are observer countries. How many countries are there in the world 2021. Number of countries in the world that are members of the UN: 193 countries. There are also countries that are […]

What truffles are in season right now?

Where in the world do truffles grow

What season do truffles appear? Growing truffles. Truffles are more common in non-acidic soils and where these trees are found, as they are mycorrhizal with trees such as oak, hazelnut, pine, cedar, hornbeam, birch and beech. The 3 most important criteria for truffle production are soil structure, climate and annual precipitation. It grows in a […]

What would the world be like without insects?

Why do we need insects on earth

Will the world be a better place without insect?, What wouldnt we have without insects?, Why are insects important to all life on Earth?, Can humans survive without insects?, Why do we need insects on earth?, Why would we die without insects?, Why would the world be a better place without insects?, According to the […]

What flowers only bloom in winter?

What flowers only bloom in winter winter flowers

There are very beautiful flowers that bloom in winter. What are the types of flowers specific to winter? Types of flowers and plants that grow in winter. Plants that bloom in winter; Snowdrop flower: White flowers bloom, the stem and leaf are green. It is a type of flower known as the herald of the […]

How to Plant Saplings in the Ground?

What are the steps to planting a sapling?

Before the saplings are planted, they must be pruned. This process is called planting pruning. The purpose of this pruning process is to clean the broken, crushed and damaged places while the seedlings are removed from their location. During this pruning process, the injured roots are cut, the roots overlapping each other are removed. This […]