What are the pruning tools used for plants? What tools are used to prune plants and what are the benefits of plant pruning. Which tool to use for pruning largely depends on the size of the branches to be pruned. and depends on the amount of pruning to be done. The following tools and materials used in pruning We can sort it like this:

Necessary tools for pruning plants

Pruning shears: For pruning branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter used. The secateurs should be made of steel and when their mouths are closed There should be no distance between them. Scissor spring too hard or too soft should not be.

Pruning shears
Pruning shears

Thick branch pruner: Used for pruning thick branches are scissors. Features; Telescopic aluminum handle, Articulated by-pass mouth structure, Reinforced oval handle, Ergonomic PVC coated handle

Thick branch pruner
Thick branch pruner

Hill or high branch saw: located at an inaccessible height It is used for cutting plant branches. These tools are usually up to 5 cm in diameter. branches are pruned.

Telescopic secateurs: branches too high to reach used to cut. Telescopic large tube and placed on it consists of scissors. The user cuts the branch by pulling the string of the scissors from below.

 What tools do I need for pruning?

Hedge shears: Used for pruning hedge plants. It should be made of steel.

Hedge trimmer: Electric or used for trimming hedge plants fuel powered machines.

Pruning saw: branches that are too thick to be cut with scissors used for cutting

Chainsaw: Large diameter branches that are difficult to cut with a handsaw Chainsaws (chain saws) are used for pruning.

Telescopic chainsaw: In tall plants, the main behind the tree Used for cutting branches and thick branches.

Serpet: It is used for finishing the wounds caused by saws.

Putty after pruning: It is applied to the wounds formed after the pruning process.

Gloves: Protecting hands from thorns, especially when pruning thorny plants can be used for.

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What is the importance of pruning for your plants?

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