How is a wooden roof made? Wooden roof construction

What is a wooden roof made of

What is a Roof? The building elements that are built to protect the building from external effects such as rain, snow, wind, heat or cold, and to beautify the building’s appearance, are called roofs. What is a Wooden Roof? Roofs made of wooden material are called wooden roofs. In such roofs, the roof rests on […]

How is a Stone Wall Made?

What is stone wall in construction?

Stonemason; Rock, Along with materials such as brick, wood, iron and lime, it is one of the traditional building materials that make up historical masonry structures. It can be used directly as a building block, in other words, by giving a carrier function. The walls of a building, a villa can be made entirely of […]

How often should you mow your lawn in Florida?

How short should you cut grass in Florida?

Do you have to cut grass year round in Florida?, How short should you cut grass in Florida?, How much does it cost to mow a lawn in Florida?, How do I keep my grass green in Florida?, Does grass go dormant in Florida?, Mowing season in Florida, best height to cut grass in florida. […]

How to make ready grass?

What do you put on your lawn in early spring?

It is a vegetative production method in which high quality grass produced from seed is molded and assembled in the area where the grass field will be created, by subjecting it to special care in production farms. Rolled turf is made with the aim of removing the grass seeds with high durability, which creates a […]

What are the duties of a gardener?

What is expected of a gardener

Able to process the soil, plant plants, plant grass, landscape gardens periodic maintenance of information and is a qualified person with a skill. The gardener; vineyard and garden arrangement makes tree, woodpecker and shrub species pruning, caring and watering flowers, planting plants, flowers and trees, cutting grass, etc. What skills are needed to be a […]

Park and garden services in Australia

gardening franchises australia

Works done within the scope of park and garden services in Australia; Maintenance of irrigation systems Fertilization studies Spraying and weed control Fighting harmful insects Landscape design and construction Ornamental gardens Lawn renovation works Park and garden management Landscape lighting Stair and retaining wall works Playgrounds Maintenance and repair Pest and plant disease control due […]