No matter how well the roses are cared for each year in terms of their nature, they become cards over time. The branches do not shorten and develop and take a dried appearance over time. They should be pruned from the first year after planting. While pruning is done, cutting the graft points right above the graft points with the help of a sharp tool allows both roses to remain young and to obtain productive and quality flowers. Of the roses are not pruned, their height will increase and the bush will lose its shape. At first, the number of flowers increases excessively, but then it completely disappears. Small flowers of poor quality occur on it. Therefore, pruning should be done continuously in a certain order without interruption. Shape pruning can only be done in the periods when the roses do not need rejuvenation and the yield is good.

Rose Pruning Time

In order to give roses a good shape, they should be pruned in a V shape. The pruning time of roses is late winter or early spring. The pruning of roses that have bloomed once in you should be done after the flowers fall. Why are roses pruned? Pruning in Yediveren roses Yediveren roses should always be removed by cutting the unproductive, undersized branches after blooming. In some different situations, they are also pruned so that the plant stays straight and does not extend itself to the right and left.

how to prune roses
how to prune roses

What are the types of roses?

  • Bush form: They are large-flowered roses. Small-flowered polyanta and floribunda roses that bloom in bunches.
  • In terms of flowers: Insulating roses are semi-layered roses and layered roses.
  • According to their height: They are high stem roses. There are varieties such as ivy roses, driver roses.
  • Roses in wrapping form: They are roses with large flowers. They are small flowered wrapping roses that bloom in bunches.
  • Roses in terms of katmer flowers: The flowers are small layered. There are also varieties such as regular double flowers.

Pruning in Wrapped Roses

Large-flowered climbing roses are long-blooming roses. But mostly they do not bloom from the time they are planted until they are two years old. The flowers of the wrapping roses are similar to the flowers of the hedge roses. Climbing Roses Pruning, Older flowering branches are removed, 4-5 strong shoots are left and they are tied. Very elongated shoots can be shortened to increase flowering. The pruning process of roses, whose long shoots bloom on the laterals once a year in summer, develop very strongly. The main purpose of pruning in rose species with this feature is to establish a balance between old shoots and new shoots. Pruning is sufficient in the first year after planting.

unpruned rose
unpruned rose

When to Prune Ivy Roses

The old shoots are also subject to pruning on the horizontal branch of the new growth exhibits gradually forming. Shoots directed to grow horizontally produce more flowers. Since there is no crown bud, there is no hormonal pressure on the plant. The growth and flowering tendency is more dominant in the lateral buds.

In rose species, no pruning should be done except for dried and injured branches in the planting year. In the following years, the flowering side shoots should be shortened by pruning to carry 3-4 buds with the applications to be made in the mid-autumn season and early spring season. In addition, weak branches should be eliminated and strong pruning, which generally causes growth retardation, should be avoided. The pruning process of the Wrapper roses, which form flowers on the shoots of the same year and develop in the column shape that blooms many times during the summer season, is based on the same principles. How to Prune Roses?

rose pruning

What are the types of pruning in roses?

  1. Hard pruning in roses: The plant is pruned to leave three or four shoots with a length of 15-25 cm. Excess branches are removed. Hard pruning results in a small number of showy flowers. Hard pruning is necessary to strengthen weak plants.
  2. Medium Pruning in Roses: 5 to 10 shoots are left on the plant, the height of the plant is 50-60 (cm) centimeters. medium pruning; a method suitable for many garden roses, producing more but smaller flowers than hard pruning.
  3. Light pruning on roses: Only one-third of the length of annual shoots is cut. This form of pruning is applied to roses with short stems. It is usually required to be applied within the first year after planting.
How to prune roses? What part of the rose do you prune?

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