Pine trees are rare evergreen tree species. Pine trees pruning is done with certain techniques. Pine trees should be pruned differently when they are mature trees. We will give you information about pruning pine trees. Pruning is the process of removing the dry and live branches on the trunks of the pine tree by cutting them properly from the bottom in accordance with certain principles and breaking their connection with the tree.

How to prune a pine tree?

Pine trees can always be pruned if they are made in accordance with the original. However, it is recommended to prune pine trees in autumn and late winter, unless there is a certain emergency and environmental damage. In wet pruning, there is a fungal contamination problem in the pruned areas, and certain actions should be taken after pruning to prevent this. Pine tree pruning is done by a professional team.

Pine tree pruning calendar

When is a pine tree pruned?
pine tree pruning

Although pine trees vary according to some countries, pruning should be done in November, December, January, February and March. For pruning of pine trees, it is necessary to wait for them to form an annual ring without knots during a long development period. Pruning of pine trees should be applied in good sites, in stands that have reached the pole age. Detailed pine tree pruning is done. Pruning for plants and tree varieties (including pine trees) is done when the water is gone, that is, after the leaves have fallen.

Why are pine trees pruned?

Pruning works are generally carried out in order to extend the life of the tree, to increase its aesthetic appearance and resistance to diseases. Pruning of coniferous trees (pine, cedar, cypress..) should be done to remove dry and dangerous branches from trees. Should pine trees be pruned?, When should pine trees be pruned?, Should I cut down my pine trees, Best time to cut down pine trees, How to prune pine trees video, Should you cut the bottom branches off a pine tree?, pine pruning, cedar tree pruning, pruning coniferous trees, pine tree pruning from the top?, pine tree pruning techniques.

When is a pine tree pruned?

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