What are the best vegetables to grow in Alabama?


What are the best plants to grow in Alabama? What are the agricultural products grown in Alabama? What plants can you grow in your garden in Alabama? What are the most grown agricultural products in Alabama? Natural crops can be grown in gardens in the state of Alabama. Considering the seasonal characteristics, the most and […]

What to plant in the garden in autumn?

Sowing planting activities in autumn month october

In the autumn months, some plants are planted in September, October and November. Which plants should be planted and when? Is it possible to plant flowers in autumn? In autumn, of course, some flowers are planted. Chrysanthemum, Primrose etc. Information about field plants to be planted in autumn, vegetables planted in autumn and even flowers […]

August october calendar


Planting activities in August. Information about how to care for plants planted, which plants to plant. What plants to plant in August. Winter vegetables to plant in August. What are the best vegetables to plant in August? What vegetables can you plant in August? What winter veg can I plant in August? What plants can […]

Latin Plant Names Sequential from A to Z

How do you read Latin plant names

How do you read Latin plant names? Plant names in Latin. The most well-known plant names in Latin are as follows. What are latin plant names? latin plant, fruit, flower names. The latin name of plants is to avoid confusion. For this reason, all plant names are called in Latin. Sequential plants in the Latin […]

How bonsai art of plant is created?

Information about bonsai topiary

What is the art of bonsai? Bonsai is a dwarf tree or plant growing in a container, and the plants are in special pots. shaping by pruning with special techniques, enlarging by dwarfing and an aesthetic appearance It is the art of earning. The Importance of Bonsai Art The tree is always placed near the […]

Where is jojoba plant found? Is jojoba fast growing?

Where is jojoba plant found

How do you use jojoba oil on your face? How long does it take for jojoba to grow? Is jojoba and jujube the same thing? Is simmondsia chinensis jojoba seed oil safe for skin? What are the benefits of jojoba oil? What are the benefits of using jojoba oil on face? What does jojoba oil do […]

What plants grow on the territory of Switzerland?

What plants grow on the territory of Switzerland

Flora of Switzerland; Although Switzerland has an area of about 41,000 square kilometers, it is 0.4% (4 in 1,000) of Europe, With 3000 species of plants, it is home to 20% of all European plant species. Endemic plant species of Switzerland; Endemic plant with Switzerland as its homeland the number of them is almost nonexistent. […]

Varieties of plants grown in Panama

Flowers grown in Panama, panama plants

Panama is a Central American country bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. It is located between Rica and Colombia. Arable land accounts for 7.36% of the total land area. It has 2,490 km of coastline. The privileged economic zone constitutes most of the sea coast in Panama. In the country where the […]

Does lavender grow wild in Canada?

How do you winterize lavender in the ground

Where is lavender grown in Canada? Can lavender grow in Canada? Can lavender survive Canadian winter? How do you Winter Lavender in Canada? Is Lavender perennial in Canada? Does lavender die in the winter? Can I leave lavender outside in winter? What is the lowest temperature lavender tolerate? How do you winterize lavender in the […]

What medicine is derived from plants?


Produced by the plant itself or drugs obtained by wounding. Which medicines are made from plants? How many medicines are derived from plants? What are the natural sources of most medicines? Gummi Gallae Resina Succus Gummi resina Cera Amylum Pix Oleum Oleogummi resina Oleum Balsam