Topiary (plant topiary), shortened by pruning or natural It is the name given to the art of creating sculptures from shrubs with stunted structures. The word “topiari” is Latin for “gardener who arranges the environment for ornamental purposes”. It comes from “Topiarius” meaning.

Topiari; by pruning to the natural growth of trees, shrubs and dwarf plants formally or informally decorative shapes with an aesthetic and artistic understanding by intervening In order to give the desired form, shape and object, that is, sculpture made of plants, The art of creating spheres, cubes, and obelisks is called topiary.

What do you call a topiary person?
What do you call a topiary person?

Plants Suitable for Herb Topiary

  • Plant that grows rapidly and can eventually become quite hardy must be selected
  • Shape the plant usually when it is young.
  • Small-leaved or coniferous twigs and leaves that never die in winter Species with more frequent intervals should be selected.
  • Slow growing, contiguous or columnar and tapering upwards plants that tend to grow, that are resistant to continuous pruning, are more suitable. will be.
  • When the plants are shaped, if this special plant is not taken care of, the shape will sprout again and the given shape will be formed. spoils. These branches contribute to the growth of the whole plant and support the developing trunk. thickens.
What do you call a topiary person?

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