Where do you plant pansies?, How long will pansies last?, Do pansies come back year after year?, When can I plant pansies outside?, planting pansies in pots, best fertilizer for pansies, what to do with pansies after, when to plant summer pansies, when can you plant pansies outside in the spring, are pansies perennials? Growing pansies in pots is a very enjoyable job. Potted violet grows best in front of windows and on the balcony. Pansies can bloom in any color. It has a very beautiful appearance. It can stay in bloom for a long time. It creates a riot of colors in small flower pots in front of small windows. The homeland of the violet flower; It is the temperate climate regions of the northern hemisphere.

Information about pansies

Pansies are Produced by Seed. It is in the Seasonal Flowers group. The pansy is a short herbaceous plant, mostly annual or biennial, and some perennial. What colors do pansies bloom? yellow, blue, white, purple, dark red, smooth, striped or spotted. Can pansies survive summer? Uses of Plants; The plant is widely used in parks and gardens in spring and early summer. It is also grown in pots on balconies. It likes to grow in sunny and semi-shaded areas. The pansy is a violet variety. The flower attracts the attention of flower lovers with its perennial structure.


What month do you plant pansies? Pansy is a type of violet that can be planted in 3 periods of the year. It is an extremely productive plant in regions where severe winter conditions are not available. Root development of plants is more productive up to 13 degrees.

Can I plant pansies in the ground? Yes, the Pansy is a type of plant that reproduces by seeds. It grows in light clay, sandy, humus-rich, well-fertilized, moist garden soil.

How deep should I plant my pansies? It is a horizontally propagating plant. It is suitable for planting in wide pots, not deep pots. It can be planted in 5-7 cm soil.

Pansy Flower Benefits

  • It helps to remove toxins accumulated in the urinary tract and intestines from the body.
  • It has expectorant properties.
  • It is used in the treatment of eczema.
  • It is good for skin problems such as acne.
  • It is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Where to grow the best pansies?

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