When choosing a rose plant, varieties with high resistance should be preferred.

In autumn and winter, all leaves should be removed from the rose plant, and weak and diseased shoots should be pruned and destroyed.

When this disease occurs in rose plants, chemical spraying should be started immediately, and at the same time, the diseased leaves should be collected and destroyed.

It is absolutely necessary to check whether the rose seedlings taken from the plant are diseased.

how to plant roses in the ground

Disease outbreak can be reduced by mulching.

While irrigating rose plants, irrigation from the top should be avoided, especially in the middle of the day, this irrigation should not be done in the late hours, and drip irrigation technique should be preferred as an irrigation technique.

The area where the rose plant will be planted should be well drained and places with air flow should be preferred.

When and In Which Month Is the Rose Sapling Planted?

The best time and weather conditions for planting rose saplings are March and April. The rose sapling will receive sun for a few days, and roses can be planted in pots when the weather is not too cold or too hot.

Best natural remedy for roses plants

In summer, it is necessary to cover it with mulch so that the upper part of the soil does not heat up intensely. When growing roses, it is necessary to cut small shoots and excessively thick sections from the bottom with special pruning shears.

How to reproduce roses

The best time to reproduce rose saplings is April. The reproduction of the rose plant is done by root separation method. The rose, separated from its roots, is planted in a new pot as soon as possible and given its life water.

Rose planting distance Rose saplings should be planted at intervals of 30-35 cm, 1-2 meters for roses blooming in bunches, 40-45 cm for large-blooming roses, 50-100 cm for landscape roses.

Best natural remedy for roses plants

It is a natural red spider medicine. This drug is used for aphids, whiteflies, leaf gallery flies, thrips, potato beetle, apple cotton weevil, crustacean aphids, mealybugs, cicadellites, noctuides, coleopters, webworms, American whitefly, pine sac caterpillar, eastern fruit moth, olive fly It is very effective in the control of more than 200 plant pests such as cherry fly, leaf bender, leaf gallery moth, mites.

What are Rose Planting Techniques?

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