The sunflower plant was farmed by Native Americans for the first time in the world and was used as a dye hammadde. Sunflower seeds, which were transported to Europe by Spanish sailors, began to be used as ornamental plants in gardens. Sunflower oil plant was first produced in Russia and spread first to Ukraine and then all over Europe. The production increase has been paved with high fat content and efficient sunflower varieties around the world, and the vegetable oil sector has gained great momentum in the world. The use of oilseed plants for food purposes, the need for vegetable oil to feed the growing population and the increasing demand for biofuels in the world have positively affected the cultivation of oilseed plants. In addition to oil production, the substances resulting from the processing of these products are also evaluated in areas such as food, paint, cosmetics, feed raw materials, etc.

What is special about a sunflower? What is the function of a sunflower? What is the medicinal use of sunflower?

Sunflower information for students

Where are sunflowers produced in the world?

Sunflower seed exports in the world continue to increase every year and 2.2 million tons of exports are made worldwide compared to the average of the last five years. When we look at the export figures, about half of the world’s sunflower seed exports are made by EU-28 countries and Moldova. Moldova ranks first in oil sunflower seed exports by countries, followed by the EU and China, followed by Russia and Ukraine, in turn. The top 3 countries where we import sunflower (Oil) products are Moldova, Romania and It is Bulgaria.

Sunflower information for students

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