There are very beautiful flowers that bloom in winter. What are the types of flowers specific to winter? Types of flowers and plants that grow in winter. Plants that bloom in winter;

Snowdrop flower: White flowers bloom, the stem and leaf are green. It is a type of flower known as the herald of the spring. It is one of the first species of flowers to bloom in winter. Snowdrops love cold and wet rainy thoraxes quite a lot. It grows in all soil varieties suitable for this.

What flowers only bloom in winter?

Primrose: It is an interesting type of flower that shows its flowers late in the day. Since it also grows in winter, the plant that lasts the longest is one of the flower species. The most well-known colors of primrose are known as pink, pale lavender and white. Primrose loves light.

What is the name of winter flowers?

Pansy: September is a flower that blooms in June. It can reopen even when its flowers are torn off. This is 10 cm. There are nearly 30 species of Hercai Violets. It grows very well in places with semi-shading. It should not be exposed to direct sun.

winter flowers

Narcissus flower: There are about 20 varieties of Daffodil Flower. When the daffodil flower is completely wiped, it is important to remove it from the soil without damaging the daffodil onion. Blooms in winter.

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Azalea: It is known as an indoor plant indoors. Living conditions in temperate climates are very good. Earthen pots are the best place to grow.

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Hyacinth Flower: It is a bulbous plant and was previously considered a member of the lily family, but is now being studied under a new family, Hyacinthaceae. It is a type of flower that can grow in cold weather in winter or at the end of winter.

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Wallflower: There are Red and Brown varieties. Its homeland is known as Europe. It is very easy to cultivate. It loves moist soils. There are over 80 genera and over 500 species of gillyflower.

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Wax flower: It is a type of flower grown as a pot flower in temperate regions of the Hoya genus of the Apocynaceae family. Its body is long. If you put a vertical stick towards the growth line while the wax flower is growing, the flower will not break.

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What flowers only bloom in winter?

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