What is the art of bonsai? Bonsai is a dwarf tree or plant growing in a container, and the plants are in special pots. shaping by pruning with special techniques, enlarging by dwarfing and an aesthetic appearance It is the art of earning. The Importance of Bonsai Art The tree is always placed near the center of the pot or plate. It’s just a visual It is necessary not for symmetry, but to complete the philosophy of the bonsai culture. Although it is a plant grown in a pot or tray, bonsai can be directly reflects nature. The purpose of the bonsai artist is to take us to an old tree in nature. is to make us believe that we are looking at the miniature. Bonsai is a theme about the living of trees and the respect for living trees. is art. According to tradition, three elements are needed to grow bonsai. it is said. These; Shin, Zen, Bi meaning truth, goodness, beauty.

Information about bonsai topiary

  • Bonsai are ordinary trees that can be found everywhere, although they are miniature. They are genetically no different from the trees we see around us. of any tree or plant species, regardless of its size in nature bonsai can be made.
  • Bonsai plant production is the same as normal trees. Seed or steel suitable It is rooted in the environment and planted in a small pot or tray. in production No drugs or chemicals are used. used in bonsai The plant is not genetically modified.
  • Carefully selected saplings or tree branches and roots at regular intervals, The tree develops in age and appearance by pruning with techniques and growing with interest. but it doesn’t grow.
  • Miniature tree view of the plant with dimensions ranging from 5 cm to 120 cm. is gained.
  • Growing bonsai is a very difficult task. only on the basics it may take 5 to 10 years to specialize.
  • After a well-kept bonsai reaches the desired form, it can be taken care of by its owner. It can live for years or even centuries and can be passed on from generation to generation.

What is the History of Bonsai?

Bonsai works, which have historical roots in various cultures, first appeared in China. out. It dates back to the early years of the Chinese dynasty, from 206 BC to 220 AD. The arrival of bonsai to Japan is one of the periods when foreign cultural influences were most active. It coincides with the Kamakura Period (1183-1333). The Japanese consider the art form of bonsai They created the reference point of modern bonsai. Currently, breeders in Bonzai village, 30 km north of Tokyo, have been in business for over fifty years. has been giving the best examples of this art for a long time. The cultivation established in this village Various examples of bonsai art are exhibited in the centers.

How bonsai art of plant is created?
How bonsai art of plant is created?

Application of Bonsai Art

Growing From Seed: Waiting too long for a seedling germinated from seed to grow and thicken It is not recommended for beginners as it is necessary. Such as wire, pruning until the plant grows work cannot be done, only maintenance is required.

Steeling: A thick branch is taken from any tree to root it. This method body Although it saves time in terms of thickness and size, shaping the trunk and branches There may be a problem with the configuration.

Overhead Rooting: With this technique, a perennial bonsai can be created in a short time. any tree It is a dwarf tree with a thick trunk suitable for bonsai and partially completed its branching. resembling a branch, its outer bark at least as wide as its width, without damaging the underlying woody structure. It is drawn in the form of a ring with the help of a knife.

Yamadori: In an arid or rocky area, unable to grow in the shade of another tree It is a bonsai obtained by transferring plants to pots. The plant has little chance of survival. It is a method to be avoided.

Growing from Saplings: With this method, you can both gain experience using all techniques and choose the right one. A beautiful bonsai can be obtained in 3-5 years with a sapling.

Bonsai Soil Mixture

Great care should be taken when choosing bonsai soil. Soil mixtures organic and divided into two inorganic types. In both, gravel etc. for water drainage. items are available. However, they differ from the properties of substances that retain water. organic soils; water retention with soil / sand and peat, peat, compost high capacity soils. Inorganic soil mixtures do not contain such substances and instead use volcanic soils. It has many types of specially prepared ingredients, from lava to baked clay. Akadama, seramis, turface, gravel etc. lower water holding capacity are inorganic soils. The soil is prepared considering the pH value of the plant. The soil should be well cultivated, There should be no layers. The thick part of the soil mixture should be used, the thin soil should be used too much. should not participate.

Irrigation in Bonsai

Daily maintenance of trees should not be neglected, the environment should be moist. The plant should be watered as needed, not in a certain period; to every plant water should be given in the most appropriate way. on the leaves of the plant or just soil, often or rarely, with a high pH value or Low water should be given. Each plant should be watered at least twice, slightly wet the first time. in the latter, the soil should be well watered. Only tropical plants should be grown indoors, other plants Even if it is grown indoors, it should be left in the cold at certain periods.

How to prune bonsai trees

Forming pruning: This pruning cuts off the main branch of the plant while the plant is young. It is done once to define and create style. Maintenance pruning: annually or biennially on the forming plant makes. It allows the plant to form shoots and shrink the leaves. Hand-made on newly emerging shoots to regulate the plant. it is a form of pruning. It is held with one hand just below the place to be pruned, With the other hand, the end shoot is cut off.

How bonsai art of plant is created?

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