It is a vegetative production method in which high quality grass produced from seed is molded and assembled in the area where the grass field will be created, by subjecting it to special care in production farms. Rolled turf is made with the aim of removing the grass seeds with high durability, which creates a solid root structure, after they show sufficient development in the area where they are planted, by cutting them under the ground and transporting them to the area where it will be applied.

Why should I choose readymade grass?

Ready grass applications

With the ready-made roll grass method, it is possible to green large areas in a very short time. Especially in the summer months when the temperature is high, ready-made grass roll application is very common during the periods when sowing grass poses a risk. Ready-made roll grass is a good alternative method when it is desired to create a green area in a short time apart from the summer months. According to the results of soil analysis in ready-made roll grass production farms, after the fertilizers required for the grass are applied to the prepared seed beds, the appropriate seed mixtures are thrown and the process starts. Ready grass. The vegetative germination method, which is carried out by laying the ready grass, which is brought in the form of rolls or slabs, from these grass parcels in different textures by molding machines to the desired dimensions, is called the germination process with roll turf.

Advantages of choosing roll grass

It can be applied in a short time while it is being prepared. It is not risky not to keep it wide in a strong root structure and a busy school. Carrying out maintenance. Grass, which has completed its development and matured, is cut as a thin mold with a special machine and rolled up and laid like a carpet on the area where it will be applied. Thus, the grass does not need to take months to mature in the new turf area where it is laid. Since it has a tight texture, it completely covers the surface it is on. The roots, which are alive and strong, integrate with the new soil they are applied to in a short time such as 1-2 days. It has good compatibility with the applied surface and prevents soil erosion. Fixes dust and mud problems.

garden ready grass

Advantages of ready-made grass; It also absorbs noise, sound and heat. It increases the amount of oxygen in the air by using carbon dioxide. It adds an aesthetic beauty to the environment in which it exists by differentiating the appearance of the environment it is in. Ready rolled grass is completely natural and lively. The amount of felting is low. It has a uniform structure and is green in color. Ready-made grass has the opportunity to be used at any time of the year. If properly cared for, roll lawns can be used for many years. Why should I choose readymade grass?

How to produce ready grass?

During the production of roll grass, species with a solid root system and whose roots do not go too deep are used. Peat, manure and sand are used as planting medium while planting. Roll lawns with adequate and solid root development, well-germinated and first mowing should be preferred. One and a half months after mowing, it can be transported to the area where it will be laid and installed. In order to minimize the damage that will occur when the roll turf is applied, the removal process should not be done in hot and freezing weather, in very dry and high precipitation seasons. Machines should be preferred in lifting operations.

How do you lay ready grass?

It is necessary to be careful when placing the grass molds in the area to be greened. The first thing to be done in this process is to prepare the soil surface as if the grass will be planted. The moisture of the soil should also be well adjusted. When placing the grass molds on the lawn area, it should be ensured that they are in very good contact with the soil and each other. The gaps that may occur in the parts where the grass molds come into contact with each other should be filled with sandy soil mortar. After the grass molds are placed on the soil, they should be passed over with a roller. The surface must not be wet at all when rolling. The soil structure of the grass mold must be in harmony with the soil structure of the green area to be created and it must also consist of soils of similar structure. When these two different soil structures do not match with each other, drying may occur in the grass molds after the rolling process.

What do you put on your lawn in early spring?

Very frequent mowing is required in the autumn and spring seasons. This mowing can be done every 3-4 days during these seasons. However, this period should be extended in the winter season. The places where grass is established, especially in places with a hot climate like our country, the soil should be kept moist between April and September. 2-3 cm below the soil should be absolutely moist. For this reason, irrigation should be done every day in periods when the air temperatures are high. In winter, there is no need for any irrigation process. Another maintenance process in lawns is fertilization.

How to make ready grass?

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