They are flowers that can maintain their vitality for many years after planting. The roots of these flowers are durable. Even if the above-ground parts of plants die in winter, their roots remain alive, they give new shoots at the beginning of spring. They are preferred because there is no burden of replanting and planting every year. seasonal more resistant to environmental conditions than flowers. Their production; Radical separation is done with steel, onions and tubers. It is not recommended as there is an opening in seed production.

  • Achillea millefolium: It grows about 20 inches. Their shoots grow vertically or spread on the ground. June to August there are small flowers that bloom up to red, pink and white color.
  • Alcea rosea: It is a perennial garden flower with a thick body, it’s shoots develop vertically, can be reached by 2 meters. There are varieties that bloom during July and September.
  • Begonia tuberosa:
  • Canna indica:
  • Cerastium Tomentosum: It is a spreading perennial herb. It can grow 20 to 30 cm tall. His body lies on the ground first. Later erect and form flowers. It has small, white flowers. It blooms between May and June.
  • Chrysanthemum ind.: Its flowers are umbrella-lined at the ends of shoots, small or large with flowers, barely or folded. In autumn it blooms in many different colors.
  • Chrysanthemum max.: Its flowers grow up to 50 cm in length. Its flowers are very showy in white color. The flowering period is May and June.
  • Dahlia variabilis:
  • Delphinum hyb.: The plant of the hezen flower shows a lengthening of 120 cm. Its flowers can be 20 cm in length. There are many varieties that bloom in blue, yellow, red and white color.
  • Dianthus cory.: Its flowers are arranged in the form of single or spikes. The flower color is white, red and yellow. The leaves are striped, the leaf color can be gray and green.
  • Gailardia:
  • Gladiolus:
  • Hemoracallis hyb.: The flowers are tubular or open bell-shaped, arranged in an umbrella-like cluster on long flower shoots. There are forms that bloom in different shades of yellow.
  • Hyacinthus ori:
  • İresine Herbstii: It is a decorative, showy and red leafed plant. It likes sunny places, tolerant of semi-shade. It should not be left outside as it is affected by the cold in winter. Its production is made with steel.
  • Kniphofia: The flowers are 1 meter tall. 18 cm thick, flamboyant spikes on a thick shoot creates. The flowering period is from July to August. It blooms in shades of red and yellow.
  • Lilium candidum:
  • Narcissus pseu:
  • Paeonia officinalis:
  • Phlox paniculata: The flowers are long and durable. It blooms in red, pink, white and blue. Flowering time is from June to August.
  • Senecio Cineraria: It is a perennial, herbaceous spreading, drought resistant and yellow flowering plant. Propagate by seed, cutting and root It is done by division (separation). Seeds are sown in crates in March and April.
  • Tulipa hybrida:
  • Yucca flamentosa: Flower shoots are quite long. It has large bell or chandelier-shaped flowers. Flower color is white. It blooms in July and August.
What are the best perennial flowers to plant?

What is the importance of perennials?

What is the importance and scope of perennials? What purpose are perennials grown in horticulture? Garden flowers are ornamental plants used in the arrangement of various areas such as houses, schools, parks, squares and refurbishments. It is different in color and format. There are examples that bloom in spring, summer and autumn. They are even more important for small house gardens, where large trees and shrubs cannot be accommodated. Flowers always form the most eye-catching and colorful building elements of parks and gardens. Large areas, short make it colorful and vibrant in time. Garden Flowers; It adds color and vitality to the garden, removes the single improvement, creates a surface effect and allows unpopular places to close in a short time.

Which plants come back year after year?

Garden plants in continuous bloom from a to z

Achillea millefolium, Alcea rosea, Begonia tuberosa, Canna indica, Cerastium Tomentosum, Chrysanthemum ind., Chrysanthemum max., Dahlia variabilis, Delphinum hyb., Dianthus cory., Gailardia, Gladiolus, Hemoracallis hyb., Hyacinthus ori, İresine Herbstii, Kniphofia, Lilium candidum, Narcissus pseu, Paeonia officinalis, Phlox paniculata, Senecio Cineraria, Tulipa hybrida, Yucca flamentosa.

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What are the best perennial flowers to plant?

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