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San Antonio Winter pruning date

The best time to prune fruit trees is defoliation. It is the period between the following days and the beginning of the spring development period. Warm winter the period after the fruit trees have entered winter dormant, pruning In terms of time, it is the most suitable time. Because in this period, the supply of workers is higher than in the summer. easy and since there are no leaves on the trees, the branches to be removed can be detected. However, in places with harsh winters, pruning is not correct before severe frosts. Pruning should be done after the danger of frost has passed.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons
San Antonio Tree Surgeons

Tree pruning in San Antonio summer: Shoots on fruit trees throughout the summer need to be diluted. In summer pruning done in winter provides more stunting compared to winter pruning. Pay attention to the fruit/leaf ratio. summer pruning It is an important technique that should be done especially during the forming years of fruit trees. In fruit trees, summer pruning is the end of the spring development period and the summer It can be done after the shoots start to become woody during the development period.

If you do not know the tree pruning business, get support from professional companies. Usually The branches that distort the shape of the trees are cut.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons

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