In the past, different decorations on women’s tombstones, especially flower clusters and baskets, and fruit plates were remarkable. The use of flowers such as tulips, carnations and hyacinths, especially roses, and fruit motifs such as cypress, cypress wrapped in a vine, date tree, and pomegranate and fig in tombstone decorations is related to aesthetic preferences as well as their symbolic meanings. So, what are the drought-resistant plants to be planted in the cemetery today?

Flowers to be planted in thirst-resistant cemetery

  • Chrysanthemum: It is a perennial plant. Its homeland is Japan. It has been produced in China for many years. It blooms in autumn and winter.
  • Daffodil: Daffodils, a bulbous flower type, are suitable for cemeteries. They are one-year bulbous plants that can grow up to 35 cm.
  • Evergreen Plants: You can keep cemeteries alive with evergreen plants.
  • Lilly: Lily, a type of flower that can be planted in graves, is a bulbous plant. It can be used indoors and in gardens.
  • Pine tree: Pine trees are often seen in cemeteries. It is planted in cemeteries far from the city.
  • Rose: It is appropriate to plant rose bush varieties on the graves.
  • Sardinia: Another plant flower variety suitable for cemeteries is Sardinia. Geranium Flowers begin to bloom towards the end of the spring season and can remain that way until the beginning of autumn.
  • Spruce: It is an evergreen tree. It grows upright. It is planted in graves.

Roses planted on the thirst-proof grave

What are the best flowers to plant at a cemetery

It is important that the plants to be planted in the graves are drought resistant. It is important that it is drought resistant, especially in cemeteries far from residences. The most suitable tree species to be planted in the cemetery; It is a cypress tree. The types of flowers to be planted on the grave are; Lily, Narcissus, Geranium, Chrysanthemum, Rose. These tree and flower species are among the most preferred species in cemeteries.

What are the best flowers to plant at a cemetery

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