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Landscape Application Plan Stages

  • Landscape plan; situation plan, infrastructure plans, plantation plan, irrigation plans
  • Landscape area lighting plans, Sections and details
  • Sizing plans
  • Implementation of the leveling process
  • Leveling structures; retaining walls, wooden knitted fences
  • Ensuring continuity in herbal material
  • Urban reforestation applications
  • Irrigation systems and projects
  • Implementation of irrigation systems
  • Introduction of lighting and light sources, fixtures, equipment and maintenance in lighting

What is Landscape?

If you look at the general meaning of the landscape; means landscape or appearance is coming. The concept of landscaping is of interest to various professional groups.

What is the process of landscaping?

The landscape is natural and cultural, which can be within the frame of view when viewed from a point of view it is the appearance that the beings form together. Landscape is the appearance of forest, agricultural area, settlement area on earth. With the construction of the landscape, it has been accepted by everyone that there is a real need beyond adorning the environment with ornamental plants. Landscape planning helps find and create the best land used for people. Living environment to be carried out as a result of landscaping planning; it should serve a purpose, have a function, as well as be aesthetic and economic.

Classes of Landscape (Types of landscaping)

The landscape is classified in various ways. In general, the landscape is natural and cultural there are two types. Natural Landscape; A natural life with objects and features that exist spontaneously in nature synthesis. Cultural Landscape; Your beings or objects in nature have been altered, created and the places where it is activated constitute the cultural landscape. Cultural landscape names:

  • Rural Landscape: Agricultural fields, fruit and vegetable gardens, animal husbandry and flower farms, irrigation plants are included in this landscape class.
  • Urban Landscape: The mass, block and stone piles formed as a result of population growth and intensive construction in cities It is a landscape created together with its surroundings.
  • Industrial Landscape: Closing ugly images reduces environmental and air pollution. efforts to reduce it.
  • Road Landscape: Naturally damaged or destroyed, especially during the construction of wide highways. It is carried out for the purpose of reorganizing the landscape.
  • Forest landscape: It is the type of landscape that is born as a result of forestry related activities.
  • Touristic Landscape: Tourist places, resorts, beach sites, extra-urban sporting facilities and areas.
What is the process of landscaping?

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