Turmeric Tree; Zerdali is a tree species known as wild apricot. The fruit tree called Zerdali is in the Rosaceae family. Zerdali is a small fruit-bearing tree with white flowers that grows best from the Mediterranean region. Therefore, its fruit is smaller than the fruit of the apricot tree. The height of the turmeric trees; The longest is around 10 meters. Where does mercury grow in Turkey? It is specially grown in Van, Kayseri, Malatya, Nevşehir and Erzincan provinces in Turkey. The homeland of the turmeric tree is Erzincan.

When to prune a turmeric tree?

How to prune turmeric? The seedlings must be shaped appropriately from planting in order for the cherries to form a smooth and strong crown and to obtain regular and high quality products from the trees. Pruning is done to ensure that the fruit trees form a smooth and strong crown and to remain in the yield period for many years. Pruning is divided into two as winter pruning and summer pruning according to the periods they are made. In places with warm winters, the most suitable period for pruning is when trees shed their leaves and enter winter rest. But; In places with harsh winters, pruning should not be done before severe frosts pass. The best time to prune Turmeric Fruit trees is between leaf fall in the fall and the start of growth in the spring.

How to prune a turmeric tree?

Summer Pruning on a Turmeric Tree

Summer Pruning: The purpose of summer pruning is to provide better coloration of the fruits, to control the growth of the tree, to reduce the pruning to be done during the winter months, and to improve and facilitate harvesting and cultural activities. Summer pruning is the whole process of diluting the shoots, tipping, bending, bending, interconnecting the branches with each other and widening and narrowing the angles in fruit trees during the summer.

How to prune a turmeric tree?

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