They are usually perennial herbaceous plants. There are rhizome, tuberous, fringed rooted types. There are many beautiful perennial flowering plants. Its flowers are in the form of clusters or in layers, and are colored in white, pink, red, yellow and their different shades. What plants bloom perennial. What is the most popular perennial flower? What type of flowers come back every year? What are 5 examples of perennial plants? The most beautiful varieties of perennial flowers;

Information about the begonia flower

Begonia tuberosa; Tuberous begonia produces extremely showy flowers. It is better to grow it in pots. flowers are in different colors. Begonia is produced by tubers. Its tubers are planted in humus soil in March-April. lots of tubers should not be planted deep, the soil should be such that it covers the lump. To tubers after planting Do not give too much water. Planted tubers are kept in a penumbra. After the seedlings have formed and bloomed It likes water very much.

What is the most popular perennial flower

Canna indica

Cannabis a beautiful flower with different appearance. The flowers are formed by the union of flowers on a stem. Flower colors are red, yellow and orange. Cana tubers are called rhizomes. It is produced by rhizome. In every part of the rhizomes uprooted in autumn Leaves 2-3 eyes.

Dahlia variabilis

Dahlias are very variable plants in terms of flower forms and colors. flowers It can be layered and unlayered. Its production is by cuttings, seeds, tubers and separation. The most used production method is production with tubers. Tubers are planted in April-May.


Its flowers are very large and showy, arranged in the form of lamps on a stem. in various colors It has flowers. The flowers are up to one meter tall. Gladiolus is a bulbous tuberous plant. Its production is done with baby onions. Before the baby onions are planted The shells must first be cracked.

Hyacinthus orientalis

Its flowers are in the form of single or multilayered, dense or sparsely arranged clusters. flower colors purple, It is white and pink and its flowers are fragrant. Hyacinth is a bulbous plant. It is produced with onions. More dense than the size of onions and they are required to be robust.

Lilium candidum

Its flowers are in the form of a funnel or bell, arranged in clusters and are fragrant. It is a bulbous garden flower. It is produced with onions. Planting time is spring. The bulbs that have passed the flowering period are left in the garden until September. It is removed from the soil in September and until April. Stored in a cool and dry environment.

Narcissus pseu

Its flowers are various shades of yellow at the ends of long shoots and are very fragrant. plain and There are varieties that bloom in layers. Narcissus is a bulbous plant. It is produced with onions. Onions are planted in October-November. Planting is done at 10-15 cm intervals and at a depth of 2 times the diameter of the onion.

Paeonia officinalis

Its flowers are wide at the ends of the shoots, plain or multi-layered, very showy. There are red, pink and white blooming forms in May-June. Its production is made with fleshy root formations. Planting spacing should be 50-60 cm, it should be planted 5-6 cm deep.

Tulipa hybrida

Its flowers are simple or multilayered on a stem and show different colors. It is an onion plant. It is produced with onions. The planting time of onions is autumn. Planting spacing is 10-12cm, planting depth is 10cm. blooms in spring.


It grows 30-60 cm tall. Its shoots grow vertically or spread out in the direction. from June to August It has small flowers that open up to red, pink and white. Its production is done by root cutting and green cutting.

Alsea rosea

It is a perennial garden flower with a thick stem, its shoots develop vertically and it can be 2-2.5 m tall. The flowers are in many different colors, single or multi layered. Varieties that bloom during July-September has.

Chrysanthemum ind.

The flowers are umbellate at the ends of the shoots, small or large flowers, simple or multilayered. It blooms in many different colors in autumn.

Chrysanthemum max.

Its flowers are at the ends of the shoots up to 50 cm in length, with thick stems, 6-7 cm in diameter in trays. The flowers are very showy in white color. Flowering period is May-June.

Delphinium hyb.

The plant of delphinium shows a height of 80-120 cm. The flowers are 15-20 cm long, quote creates spectacular spikes. There are many varieties that bloom in blue, yellow, red and white.

Dianthus cory.

The flowers are arranged singly or in spikes. Flower color is white, red and yellow. The leaves are striped, the leaf color can be gray and green. The carnation plant is a garden flower that grows to 40-60 cm.

Hemoracallis hybrida

The flowers are tubular or open bell-shaped, arranged in an umbrella-like cluster on long flower shoots. It has forms that bloom in different shades of yellow. It is a flower that grows 60-120 cm.


Stunning 18cm spikes on a thick shoot whose flowers can be up to 1m tall creates. Flowering period is July-August. There are forms that bloom in shades of red and yellow.

Phlox paniculata

Its flowers are very showy, in a compound umbrella-like arrangement, at the ends of long and durable shoots. There are flower forms that bloom in red, pink, white and blue. Flowering time is June-August.

Yucca flamentosa

Flower shoots are quite long. Showy spikes of large bell- or chandelier-shaped flowers creates. Flower color is white. It opens in July-August.

Cerastium Tomentesum

It is a spreading perennial herb. It can grow 20-30 cm tall. His body lies on the ground first. Later on
erect and form flowers. Small, white flowers bloom from May to June

Senecio cineraria

It is a perennial, herbaceous spreading, drought resistant and yellow flowering plant. Propagate by seed, cutting and root It is done by division (separation). Seeds are sown in crates in March and April.

İresine herbstii

It is a decorative, showy and red leafed plant. It likes sunny places, tolerant of semi-shade. It should not be left outside as it is affected by the cold in winter. Manufactured with steel

What are the types of perennial flowers?

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