As various global impacts of climate change seem to accelerate, the commitment and adaptation levels of developed and developing countries under Paris Agreement, which offers a new framework, fall short in achieving the global targets.

The increased demand for food, climate change and urbanization weigh on soil and water resources as well as agricultural products and producers, while it gets more important to develop plant and animal species compatible with changing climate and protect the environment and biodiversity. Furthermore, the need for skilled labor and technology is growing, so that the demand for food can be met with less resource.

Climate Change, Food Safety and Efficient Use of Water

While advanced countries are expected to sustain their commercial superiorities through new-generation applications, developing countries are struggling to support technology-based small agricultural enterprises and become competitive in the food supply chain with large scale production.

The demand for healthy and organic products produced through good agricultural practices is growing, as the trends for supplying plain and local products directly to consumers through different marketing channels get stronger.

Climate Change, Food Safety and Efficient Use of Water

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