Palms are arboreal plants that usually form a crown with leaves. Most species only It has a body. In some species, the trunk may be underground, while in others, no trunk. may not be found. Although palms are generally single-stemmed, some species have side pincers. due to multi-body. There are also palm trees with ivy characteristics. Palm leaves are very distinctive and has a characteristic shape. The leaves of most species are palmate (palm-shaped) or pinnate. has a (feather) structure.

Are palm trees beautiful?

Palm tree roots; The root system of palm trees is not very deep and very strong. After the first roots seen in palm seedlings, just below the ground and A thick root tuber develops at the level of the trunk. Depending on the root tuber a dense hairy root system is formed. The main roots are the same throughout their length. becomes thick. Above these roots are the second roots, and above them small roots are formed.

Palm tree trunk features; The palm trunk is very diverse. These; Monotony: Palms are generally single, smooth and long-stemmed. are trees. Some palm species can be up to 40 meters tall. Clustered stems: Plants with this stem are not very tall. The trunk appears as a bush. Short trunks with swollen internodes: The trunks of this group of palm trees mostly in the soil and parallel to the soil surface or They extend along the soil surface. Those with climbing trunks: In palm trees in this group, the trunk is narrow, The internodes are long and the plant height is between 10-100 m.

What is the characteristics of palm tree

Palm tree leaves; Palm leaves are generally elsi (palmate) and compound (pinnate) is in the structure. Palm leaf structures whole, bipartite, elliptic, compound (hairy), binary may be in compound form. The leaves are characteristic of palm trees. limited to the crown at the end of the trunk. Usually the leaves spiral from the stem. occurs in the form of a certain number of.

Palm tree thorns; The trunk and leaves of some palms and sometimes aerial roots it is perpendicular. Thorns are helpful in species identification in palm trees. Of the spines are on the leaflets, the palm and leaf tips can be thorny.

Palm Flower, fruit and seeds; Palm flowers generally have 3 petals, 3 sepals, 3-6 stamens and 3 fused female organs has. The flowers are yellowish white, not as bright as brownish yellow It is colorful and unpretentious. The flowers are in the form of clusters. Palm fruits usually have a fleshy texture. One in the middle of the fruit seeds are found. Some species have a hard shell around the seed. Fruit sizes are different in palm trees. In some species, it is the size of a cherry, while in some It is the size of an orange fruit

What is the characteristics of palm tree?

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