How to prune trees, when to prune trees, what to consider when pruning trees, which trees to prune and when. Here’s what you need to know about tree pruning. Tree pruning is applied differently in fruit trees and non-fruiting trees. In order to increase the yield of plants, pruning should be done by professionals for the rapid growth of trees. In order for trees and plants to develop and grow in a solid balance, to increase their yield, to combat diseases and pests, to increase carbon assimilation, to increase the productivity of crops, tree pruning is necessary on time.

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The Importance of Tree Pruning The history of agricultural activities in the world dates back to ancient times, and it maintains its popularity because it is the basic need of human beings. Leafing and flowering times of trees should not be ignored during pruning in leafy species. In species that bloom before leafing, tree pruning should be done in the summer after the tree has finished blooming.

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The shortening rate of the shoots that shed their flowers should be 1/3. Examples of tree species that will be shortened at this rate are the following trees: dogwood tree, bay tree, almond tree, golden cup tree, currant tree, spirit tree, black nut tree. Pruning is done in the autumn and winter seasons in the species where the flowers are formed on the annual young shoots. In this pruning process, the pruning of the branches is more than ½. Examples of this are the hydrangea tree, the spirit tree, the indigo tree, the senna tree, the labdanum and the rosewood.

tree pruning in California

tree pruning California; In tree species whose flowers are on the shoots of previous years, tree pruning is done vigorously every few years. In this process, tree branches are shortened and thin shoots become free in winter. Examples of tree species on this subject are: Judas tree, lady’s salt, hawthorn, medlar, apple, yellow bunch and Japanese quince. In tree species whose flowers bloom at the ends of old branches, tree pruning and shoots are not shortened. A slight loosening is done on the branches of these tree species. In tree species whose branches do not mature and whose shoots dry out in winter, tree pruning is done at the same level with the soil, but in tree species that bloom at the time of growth, such as black nut tree, acacia tree, oilseed tree, ash tree, that is, maple, elm, bird, which has the characteristic of bleeding in late spring. tree and beech tree species, tree pruning should be done during the autumn season when the sap pressure is lower. In ginkgo and oak tree species, tree pruning can be done until the end of the winter season. Summer tree pruning is only possible in strong growing and developing seedlings.

tree pruning in California

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