In fruit trees, flower buds develop on one-year shoots. Therefore, fruit trees produce a large number of shoots every year. Fruit trees in the yield period are pruned in four different ways. Fruit Tree Maintenance Pruning: In this pruning method, only dried, dead or strongly intertwined branches are removed.

What month is the best time to prune fruit trees?

Fruit Tree Care Pruning; Fruit tree pruning Fruit trees that have been pruned in this way have good productivity and fruit colors, but the fruits remain small, and the fruit branches slide towards the outer surface of the tree and the efficiency of the inner parts decreases.

Fruit Trees Thinning Pruning; In this pruning method, only weak fruit shoots and half of the remaining ones are removed. Shortening is not performed on the shoots on the tree. In fruit trees that are pruned with this method, the lighting of the tree, the good productivity of the fruits are much higher than the severely pruned trees. In addition, the fruits remain small.

Fruit Trees Pruning Methods

Traditional Pruning in Fruit Trees; In this pruning method, after the bad fruit branches are removed, a shortening process is applied to the remaining fruit branches according to the growth power of the shoot. This shortening is usually half the length of the slide. Fruit size in fruit trees pruned with this pruning method increases compared to the two pruning methods we have mentioned before. The decrease in yield in fruit trees depends on the severity of the pruning process.

Severe Pruning of Fruit Trees; In this pruning method, 50-75% of the other shoots are removed in addition to the weakly developing and growing shoots. The remaining shoots are strongly shortened. In this pruning method, the fruit yield of the tree is very small. But the size and quality of the fruit is at the highest level. As a result, among these pruning methods, a pruning method based partially on shoot shortening will be the most appropriate, as well as shoot selection. Tree pruning After the weak and tight shoots are removed, it may be recommended to shorten the remaining shoots in the amount of 1/3 over the eye facing the ground, and to make a suitable fruit thinning after the fruit set of the tree.

Fruit Trees Pruning Methods

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