Begonia flower species eat very well, mainly in temperate climates. Begonia flower colors; red, white and orange colors open. Begonia flower is a flower species that grows easily in indoor and or office environments. Maintenance is usually easy. Begonia flower is native to the Americas, Africa and Asia. It is very important to put it in a place where you will get the sun in the morning. A little attention will be enough for its development to be lush and healthy. He loves water, the Begonia flower is watered every two days to ensure that they remain in good condition. Tip for Begonia care; Begonia flowers dry if standing in a constantly shaded environment, putting them in a place that will receive the morning sun is very important for the development of the flower.

How many Begonia flowers are there?

It is possible to sort the most widely grown Begonia flower species as follows.

  • The tree Begonia Flower; the leaves of the tree Begonia grow up to long, speckled and glabrous. It is a very preferred type of Begonia indoors.
  • Wax Begonia flower; this species grows in the home environment, in the office, i.e. indoors. It is the most common species in the natural environment.
  • Cane Begonia flower; it is a species that opens leaves in the form of wings. Irrigation and maintenance are the same. It has a more beautiful shape than other species.
  • Tuberous Begonia flower; grows hairy, Begonia flower species is easily grown indoors.
  • Leaf Begonia flower; leaf parts grow smaller than other Begonia species. Ornamentation and presence in decorative areas provide a good image.

Begonia features

Begonia is a species that grows as ornamental and decorative in interiors. Irrigation is done every 2 days. Its colors are red, white and Orange. It should not stand in the sun all the time. Begonia flower is important to stop in a place where you will see the sun in the morning. Begonia species were first discovered in England in 1777. This flower, which can grow in almost any household condition, is located in a group of plants that are not kind. But despite all this, proper maintenance ensures that it remains constantly alive.

What Are The Reasons For Choosing Begonia?

Begonia is a decorative ornamental flower. As a species, it is one of the best in this sense. The most important feature of Begonia flower; cleans the air in the environment in which it is located. The formation of a spacious environment helps to remove bad odors. How to water Begonia flower? What is the best way to water begonias? Begonia flower has a water-loving structure. This does not mean that it should be constantly watered. It is enough that its soil has little moisture. Watering every 2 days will be ideal. (No more than 2 times a week in winter) it is necessary to have a hole in the bottom of the pot to remove excess water.

How to care for begonia flower?

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