How do you take care of marigolds? Do marigold plants come back? Do marigold flowers need a lot of water? Marigold flower How to grow marigolds from seeds French marigold. It is a plant belonging to the daisy family. Native to the Central American Region. marigolds are herbaceous annuals widely grown all over the world.

Do marigolds have a scent? What is the scent of marigold? Do marigolds smell like death? Which marigolds smell the most? The leaves of the velvets are compound and arranged singly or alternately. varieties of flowers It is plain layered or layered according to the Flower color is orange, yellow, brown-red and tawny can happen. Both the leaves and flowers of the marigold plant have a pungent smell.

In what months does the marigold bloom? Long time remains in bloom. It remains in flower from the beginning of June until the end of October. By types The lengths of velvets vary between 15 cm and 120 cm. It is a durable variety. July It blooms continuously from the month of October until the beginning of the frosts in October.

What is the scent of marigold?

Marigold Almost all of them are also used as cut flowers. Dwarf varieties of marigold cordon and corbels, around other flowers, tall ones are planted on the edges. Very easy to maintain The marigolds are perfect for summer flower beds and borders.

What month do you plant marigold seeds? How long do marigold seeds take to germinate? What is the best time to plant marigolds? How do you germinate marigold seeds? The ideal months to plant marigold seeds are spring. It starts to germinate within 15 days after planting. Although marigold likes light and moist soils, it adapts to most soils. You should place the marigold, which loves the sun and direct sunlight, in the sunniest part of the house.

How often do you water marigolds in pots? Can Marigold tolerate rain? Does marigold need full sun? How do you take care of marigolds? It does not like cold weather and excess water. If you water the marigold in a warm environment and the soil remains moist, you will see that the flowers are exuberant. Place the sun-loving marigold in the sunniest part of the house. He loves the sun, even in the garden.

Do marigolds bloom in summer

Do marigolds bloom in summer? How long do marigolds bloom in the summer? Is marigold flower seasonal? What season does marigold bloom? Marigold blooms in summer. If you see that the leaves have faded, cutting them with scissors or a knife will be extremely good for the yield of your flowers.

When can I plant marigolds outside? What is the best time to plant marigolds? It would be correct to sow the seeds of marigolds at the beginning of spring. It is extremely easy to plant by seed. After planting, it will be more accurate to irrigate by spraying instead of frequent irrigation. When planting seeds, instead of sowing at frequent intervals, sufficient distance should be left considering their development. Marigolds will maintain the vitality of their flowers until mid-autumn.

Marigold flowers

Purple Marigold

It is also possible to hear the purple marigold flower, known as the Black Love Flower among the people, with the name purple passion. The real name of this flower, whose homeland is Southeast Asia, is Gynura. Since they can reach up to one meter in length, they must be tied to a stick. The leaves of this light-loving plant lose their splendor when left in the shade. It likes to be watered frequently in summer. If the growing branches and leaves are cut at regular intervals, it will be better in terms of appearance and health.

With the spring, purple flowers resembling carnations bloom, but the flowers are plucked due to its bad smell. This flower is mostly grown for the appearance of its leaves. You can propagate Purple Marigold with leaf cuttings in spring.

Ball marigold

Ball Marigold is a flower that can live in harmony when grown with other plants. It is planted in the spring and develops rapidly. The flower, which gives a fascinating image with its orange color and brightness, reaches a maximum of 30 centimeters. This plant, which is very simple to grow, keeps harmful insects away from itself with its sharp smell.

Can marigolds be grown anywhere?

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