Before the saplings are planted, they must be pruned. This process is called planting pruning. The purpose of this pruning process is to clean the broken, crushed and damaged places while the seedlings are removed from their location. During this pruning process, the injured roots are cut, the roots overlapping each other are removed. This process is beneficial in giving the desired shape to the sapling to be planted in the future.

How to Plant a Sapling?

When planting the sapling in place, we bring the planting board to the driven side stakes. When done in this way, the hollow in the middle of the board becomes the seat of the sapling. We start the soil filling process by aligning the part of the sapling that comes 10 cm above the grafting site with the cavity. In the process of filling the soil, we throw the top soil to the lower part and the lower soil to the upper part. Therefore, when digging the seedling pit, the soil at the top and the soil at the bottom should be placed in separate places.

Planting seedlings
Planting seedlings

Planting seedlings; During the planting of seedlings, the soil coming out of the upper part is placed on the bottom and the soil coming out from the lower part is placed on the top. Thus, the lower part of the soil and the upper part are replaced. During and at the end of the filling, the soil is leveled well and the required amount of fertilizer is thrown and well compacted, and then irrigation is done. How to plant saplings >>

How should seedlings be planted?

  • A pit is dug with the help of a pick and a shovel so that the width and depth of the seedling are larger than the container size. While the pit is being opened, the upper and lower soil removed from the pit is placed in separate places on the edge of the pit. Stone, root, etc. in the pit. materials must be cleaned.
  • The sapling brought from the side of the pit is placed on the ground. In order to prevent root curling, the bottom part of the package of the seedling is cut with a sharp knife from a height of 1-1.5 cm. Then the polyethylene bag is cut with a knife to length.
How should seedlings be planted?
  • The sapling is placed vertically in the middle of the pit with its bag to prevent the soil surrounding its roots from scattering. If the depth of the pit is large, the bottom of the pit is fed with some top soil.
  • Topsoil is placed in half of the pit, and the polyethylene bag is removed. The filled soil is compacted with the foot (without hitting it).
  • With the remainder of the top soil, the subsoil is filled into the pit and compacted again. If the soil is very poor, burnt (ripened) animal manure should also be given. Care is taken to keep the level of the filled soil slightly lower than the level of the land. A bowl shape is given to the bottom of the sapling.

When is the tree sapling planted?; In general, seedlings should be planted at the end of autumn and at the beginning of spring. When is the sapling planted? >>

How to Plant Saplings in the Ground?

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