Tree felling in Alaska may require permits from local authorities. For tree cutting, you need to get detailed information from local institutions. Even if the trees are on private land, cutting or pruning of important tree species may be prohibited. In the state of Alaska, it is important to get permission from government agencies to cut down a tree.

How is tree pruning done in Alaska?

To list the rules to be considered during pruning as follows possible: We must decide which physiological phase the fruit tree is in and what we will do. We have to adjust the intensity of the cuts accordingly. In the fruit tree, the main branches provide the formation of the crown, the auxiliary branches shape the tree, fruit branches direct the generative activity. Therefore, shaping Wood branches should be worked on during the period, fruit branches should not be touched.

Tree pruning in the state of Alaska; Before starting to prune fruit trees, the collective development of the trees should be examined, In this collective development, each major branch should be handled separately and prunes should be started. In general, vegetative development in fruit trees, growth of fruit trees at the ends, that is, at the ends. Therefore, in a well-formed tree, branch cuttings should be applied in the end sections where vegetative development occurs. Because the main branches branches to be removed from their lower parts may cause bare It can cause gluttonous branches to emerge from the points.

Is it legal to cut down trees in Alaska?

Alaska tree branch pruning; Auxiliary branches are as equal in length and in the same directions as possible on the main branches. should be created. Otherwise, the branches will merge into each other. On the trunk, the main branches should be distributed as much as possible at the same height and at equal angles. and should be of equal strength. Cut the branches short to allow vegetative development; never cut, cut long, bend, twist etc. processes lead to generative development. For this reason, the branches that are desired to last should be cut short; The branches that are desired to bear fruit should be left long, not cut, bent or bent.

You can learn about plant pruning from those doing landscaping and botanical work in Alaska. Professional agricultural engineers can offer you a solution for pruning, planting, pruning and maintaining fruit trees.

Tree pruning techniques Alaska; The branches should be bent parallel to the ground and trained to make sharp arcs. If there is an obligation to make a sharp bow, the eyes at the top of the bending branch should be blinded. Allow branches of the same strength that grow side by side from the same point not to develop. should not be given. In such cases, the wide-angle one should be left and the other should be removed.

Fruit tree pruning in Alaska; The branches that will form on the main branches and the branches that will be formed from the climax branch are drawn mutually. It should be tied by wrapping and thus, breaking due to fruit load should be prevented. In fruit trees, the angle between the main branches and the trunk should be between 45-60º. Of the angle is narrower, the branches break easily. 120º between main branches in apex branched, goblet and pyramidal shapes; 180º in palmettes and if the different apex is branched, there should be an angle of 72º.

The height of the crown from the soil surface is arid, taking into account ecological factors. It should be 40-60 cm in regions and 60-80 cm in humid regions.

If you do not know about tree pruning, get support from local landscaping companies.

Is it legal to cut down trees in Alaska?

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